Llorens Stained Glass Studios / Hardeman Fine Art Glass is one of the nations oldest stained and leaded art glass companies, providing custom designed windows for churches, homes, hotels, and other public establishments across the United States, also performing leaded repair and full window restoration.
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Stained Glass Atlanta

Stained glass windows are a marvel to behold and are used to add color to buildings of immense beauty. The leading firm in stained glass sales and repair in Atlanta, Georgia, Llorens Stained glass studio is proud of its nearly 100 years in existence.

The company has changed over the years but one thing has remained, the nurturing of the talent required to produce the exquisite stained glass artifacts it is renowned for. It is one of the nation’s oldest full service custom leaded art and stained glass studios. The company’s commissions are one of a kind creations adorning windows designed and constructed by the country’s top designers, architects, builders and colorists. You will find stained glass from Llorens in four star resorts as well as small rural country churches, historic and even new metropolitan cathedrals.

If you are seeking stained glass sales and repair in Atlanta Georgia, the Llorens studio restoration division will be able to assist. Capable of repairing a single piece repair or a complete frame and window restoration, the company has worked on large scale projects including university campuses across the United States.

The Process

Although it may appear simplistic in the description below, creating stained glass is a highly skilled and demanding process. The steps below outline the creation of a stained glass window:

  1. Each hand painted window begins with a miniature in simple water colors. A full size sketch is then made and broken down into jigsaw like pieces or templates for each part of the stained or leaded art glass window.
  2. The glass cutter is introduced into the process and they will cut each piece of the right color to the precise size of each of the template.
  3. Beeswax is used to apply the small colored pieces to a large plate glass easel. The artist then begins the delicate and often tedious painting.
  4. After painting the usually hundreds of pieces are then extracted from the easel and placed into the kiln until they exhibit a mellow glow.
  5. Stained glass needs to attain a temperature of 1200 degrees before it is ready to come out of the kiln. Once it achieves this temperature the pieces are then assembled with lead cames. These must be cemented to each piece regardless of size to make the window strong and water tight.

Llorens Stained Glass Studio museum houses tools and artifacts used in t he art of stained glass making. On display you will find tools, patterns, glass and supplies going back to the 1840s. This includes present day kiln ovens and cutting equipment to cater for both hobbyist and expert designers. The museum is full of items which create a vivid visual representation of the Llorens story over the years. Comparisons can be drawn to the Tiffany Glass Collection found at the Morse Gallery in Winter Park Florida. Because of our rich history the windows from the Llorens Stained Glass Studios and Hardeman Fine Art Glass adorn into the thousands of churches and edifices throughout the United States of America and five foreign countries.

Company History

Founded in 1920 by Mr. J.V Llorens Sr after working as an apprentice since 1906, the company and the skills and knowledge were passed onto his son. Currently the company is owned by Mr Hardemans who has an impressive background in business education. This is in addition to the specialist techniques taught and passed down to him from Mr. J.V Llorens over a long period of time.

A combination of this specialized knowledge and skill, distilled over generations and nearly a hundred years mean that for stained glass sales and repair in Atlanta Georgia there is no better place to go.

Our most famous window Christ in the Garden of Gethsemene which is hand painted on glass is produced not only for our clients, but also provided for resale to various other leaded and art glass companies throughout the country.

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